Black Tea vs Green Tea: Which One Is The Healthier Choice?

black tea vs green tea

Lets Learn About The Difference Between Black Tea And Green Tea


Do you know about black tea vs green tea? There are quite a few health benefits that come with switching out your regular morning cup of coffee for caffeinated tea. You can still get all the perks of caffeine without the jitters. When it comes to caffeinated tea most people go for either green tea or black tea.

You may be wondering, other than taste, are there any real differences between green tea and black tea when it comes to health benefits? For starters, both teas are an incredibly healthy choice so you can’t go wrong with either. Yet, it’s important that you know a thing or two about their flavor profiles, caffeine content, and antioxidant levels before deciding which one is better for your lifestyle.


Green Tea vs Black Tea: How Are They Made?

Green tea and black tea have something very similar in common. Along with white tea and rooibos, they all come from the Camellia sinensis plant. But this doesn’t mean they both taste the same. Each of these teas has their own unique flavor, as well as different properties that make them a healthy choice. 

Green tea and black tea are processed differently which gives them their unique characteristics. Let’s take a look at how they are made so you have a better idea of what makes them different from the beginning.

How Black Tea Is Made?

Once the leaves have been picked, they are then scrunched and curled. This is how they expose the leaves to as much oxygen as possible for the oxidation process. The leaves are then left to ferment for anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. For deeper flavors they usually allow the leaves to ferment for longer.

How Green Tea Is Made?

Where green differs from black tea is that it skips the fermentation process entirely. This is how the tea leaves keep their nice green color. In some occasions the leaves may be green teasteamed, this can enhance the flavor and color. In order to stop the fermentation from happening the leaves are pan fried. 


Flavor Differences: Black vs Green Tea

Black Tea: Each batch of this flavorful tea tastes different than the next. Black tea is known for its earthy and smooth flavors. Some people notice that black teas may have a slightly smoky flavor, even picking up on tastes of nuts and caramel. 

Green Tea: Just like black teas, each batch will be slightly different in flavor. Since this tea skipped the fermentation process it is slightly more acidic than black tea. It often has a more grassy and sharper tea flavor.


Green vs Black Tea: Healthy Choices

Even though both teas are very different in flavor, they are both a nutritious choice to fill your mug up with. Let’s take a look at what properties each tea has that could be beneficial to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Is Black Tea A Healthy Choice?

Black tea is a great choice for replacing your early morning coffee. It has a higher caffeine count than green tea, but since it’s a lot easier on your heart than coffee. Surprisingly this is black teaone caffeinated drink that is heart healthy and may even help to reduce your cholesterol.

Did you know that black tea antioxidants are actually full of health properties that don’t even make their way onto the label? This is because the majority of teas are considered “functional food”, meaning that their nutritional value exceeds the components of your basic nutrition. (source

All tea leaves have a type of antioxidant called catechins. When the leaves get fermented to turn into black tea the catechins get converted to theaflavins and thearubigins. This happens through a chemical reaction with oxygen. These antioxidants may help aid cellular growth. They may also help with weight loss if consumed regularly.

Why Is Green Tea A Healthy Choice?

Since green tea doesn’t go through the fermentation process it has a lot more catechins. It usually has a higher level of antioxidants since the catechins don’t get destroyed or converted. 

The higher level of acidity in green tea makes it a more efficient aid when it comes to helping with weight loss and digestion. (However you must pair your tea with other healthy choices if you want to see results.) That being said, you should only consume green tea after you have some food in your stomach. 

When the cold and flu season hits, it’s a good idea to fill your mug with green tea. Green tea is also loaded with tannins which could help your body fight off viruses. Drinking a cup a day could be an excellent way to shield your body from the common cold.


Black Tea vs Green Tea Weight Loss

black tea vs green teaBoth black and green tea are great beverages to drink if you are trying to lose weight. They have absolutely no calories or fat to them and are known to possibly speed up digestion. That being said, drinking tea doesn’t automatically mean you will lose weight. You must make healthy choices along with your cup of tea. 


Black Tea vs Green Tea: Which One Is Really Better?

Our conclusion is that the better tea all depends on your lifestyle needs. Both teas have properties that make them excellent choices. There are so many types of black teas and green teas available to keep your tastebuds from getting bored. 

Black tea is a great substitute for your morning coffee, while green tea can be a great afternoon pick me up. You really can’t go wrong with either choice.




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