7 Health Benefits Of Uncle Iroh Tea

Everything You Need To Know About The Health Benefits Of Uncle Iroh Tea

Fans of Uncle Iroh from the hit anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender will be excited to know that The Tea Club has a new tea coming out inspired by your favorite tea serving character. Uncle Iroh is known for serving the best tea in the city, so we’ve come up with a new blend of tea that Uncle Iroh would approve of.

This new tea is a blend of jasmine blossoms and green tea. It is inspired by Uncle Iroh’s tea shop The Jasmine Dragon. Dollar Tea Club has discovered a way for you to bring home the Iroh Teataste of your favorite tea shop with our Unle Iroh tea. This calming blend of jasmine and green tea will make you feel like you are sitting right in Uncle Iroh’s shop.

Uncle Iroh tea is most loved for it’s natural calming effects. That isn’t the only thing that makes this tea wonderful. Our Uncle Iroh tea is loaded with health benefits, making it one of the best teas you can sip on. Here are 7 reasons why your body and mind will appreciate Uncle Iroh tea:

The 7 Healthiest Benefits Of Uncle Iroh Tea

Green tea leaves and jasmine blossoms are two of the healthiest ingredients you can add to a tea blend. Mixing them together creates a blissful tea that will keep you healthy and happy. Let’s discuss some of the amazing things this tea can do for your body.

Disclaimer: Although drinking our all natural tea is a great way to stay healthy, we can not guarantee these effects will happen to everyone who drinks it.

Freshens Breath

Streptococcus mutans are a common bacteria that are found in peoples’ mouths. Both jasmine and green tea contain catechins, which are great for stopping the growth of this bacteria. Uncle Iroh tea may also help reduce the risk of oral infections.

Drinking a cup of Uncle Iroh tea after a meal could reduce your chances of having bad breath. If that isn’t enough motivation to start drinking a cup of Uncle Iroh every day, here are some more.


Helpful For Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight you will be happy to know that both jasmine and green tea work together to become the ultimate natural fat burning duo. 

Uncle Iroh tea also might help you feel more energized because the properties are able to convert the fatty acids from fat tissue to use as energy. This could help you perform better in Iroh Teayour daily physical activities, making it easier for you to stay fit.


All Those Antioxidants

We can’t talk about the beauty of jasmine and green tea without mentioning how they are loaded with antioxidants. If you want to help ensure your body and immune system is ready to combat the cold and flu season, then this is one tea you will want to start drinking.

We already mentioned that Uncle Iroh tea is loaded with catechins, those are a form of polyphenols. This tea will give you a healthy dose of polyphenols which could help protect your cells from free radical damage, limiting your chances of harmful diseases.

Another great catechin found in Uncle Iroh tea is epigallocatechin gallate. This could help to lower your blood sugar and improve the health of your heart. It is also a helpful aide in oral health.


Heart Healthy

Did you know that green tea has been scientifically proven to lower the chance of bad LDL cholesterol from oxidizing? Raises in your cholesterol level can be harmful to your health and increase your chances of heart diseases.

Drinking 1-3 cups of Uncle Iroh tea a day could lower your chance of heart problems by nearly 21%. It could also decrease your chances of a heart attack by 19% and lower your risk of a stroke by 36%. You don’t have to be good with numbers to see that Uncle Iroh tea is the right choice for your heart.


Helps You Focus

Uncle Iroh tea contains roughly 75% less caffeine than a cup of coffee. It still has the right amount of caffeine to help keep you alert without the negative side effects. It provides enough caffeine to stimulate your nervous system, sending signals promptly from your body to your brain.

This tea also features mood enhancing neurotransmitters to keep your brain awake. To help keep you energized and sharpen your memory. This can be a great tea to drink when you are studying for an exam or preparing for a meeting.


Lower Your Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes

More North Americans are suffering from diabetes now than ever before. We have so many beverages available to us that are loaded with sugar. If you don’t make the right choices with what you consume then it makes you a candidate for type-2 diabetes.

Uncle Iroh tea may help with lowering your blood sugar, which would help you to lower your risk of type-2 diabetes. It is also a beverage that doesn’t require sugar to taste good. If you like a sweeter tea, use honey to sweeten Uncle Iroh tea. A little bit goes a long way.


Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

Another serious health risk that is growing rapidly is cancer. Regular tea drinkers have a lower chance of getting sick from cancer. Uncle Iroh tea is loaded with antioxidants which help Iroh Teafight against cancer causing cells. These antioxidants have been known to reduce inflammation and oxidative damage.

Green tea has been known to be a helpful aid in the fight against cancer. It is packed with flavonoids which have been proven to reduce your chances of getting breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. Although this beverage is not the cure, drinking Uncle Iroh tea daily could help limit your chances of getting ill.

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How Healthy Is Uncle Iroh Tea? 

One cup of Uncle Iroh tea a day could have tremendous benefits on your overall health. All of the powerful antioxidants in this tea should help keep you healthy. Although it won’t cure any diseases, it may help reduce your chances of being affected by them.

Uncle Iroh tea is the most calming drink your mug will ever meet. How fitting for a tea named after a Crown Prince who’s quotes will live on until the end of time. Make sure to grab some loose leaf Uncle Iroh from our site – we’ve added the link here.








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