White Apricot

(2-3 cups)
(15-20 cups)

$9.46 CAD / month

Kenyan white teas offer layers of malty Kenyan pedigree with peachy white notes. Very high in polyphenols, which are known to protect the body’s tissues against oxidative stress and associated pathologies such as cancers, coronary heart disease and inflammation.

White Apricot has a very exotic flavor profile. The delicious blend of apricot flavor combined with the natural flavors and tartness of the various dried fruits creates a blend that is unbelievably delicious and enjoyed Hot or Cold!

Tea Tips:

  • For a summer time drink Apricot Supreme iced is hard to beat. It is refreshing and thirst quenching and not overly sweet.
  • For formal times garnish the glass with a slice of apricot or peach and a sprig of mint
  • For non-formal times pour it into your glass and enjoy it gulp after gulp!

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