Tunisian Lemon Mint

(2-3 cups)
(15-20 cups)

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Tunisians love their lemons. In all probability, they’ve been an important part of their diet since the place was known as Carthage, at least as far back as 814 BC. For a time, Carthage, in what is now the Tunisian capital of Tunis, was part of the Roman Empire and supplied lemons to Roman citizens from Rome to Londinium. Mint, although its history in Tunisia isn’t quite as long as the lemon’s definitely holds a vaulted place in Tunisian culture. Visit any shop, home or office there and the first thing you’ll be offered is a hot cup of mint tea.

What doesn’t have much of a history in Tunisia is Rooibos, an evergreen shrub native to South Africa, thousands of kilometers away to the south. We’ve decided to change all that by introducing this fabulous blend of Tunisian lemon, mint and Rooibos. We’re 100% certain they’ll be talking about this one a few thousand years from now! An incredibly flavorful cup with herbal notes tempered by sweet lemon and mint.

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