Mango Yogurt Sample

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Mango Yogurt has no caffeine, and no dairy!

At the heart of Mango Yogurt Tea, you’ll find the vibrant tang of hibiscus and the richness of rosehips. These two ingredients create a stunning visual and taste experience, infusing the tea with their distinctive crimson hue and tart, fruity notes.

The sweetness of apple pieces and mango pieces takes center stage, delivering a luscious, tropical melody that dances on your palate. Black currants add a layer of depth and berry goodness, complementing the fruity symphony perfectly.

The zesty zest of orange peels brings a bright and citrusy kick to every sip, creating a refreshing contrast to the fruitiness. And to add a creamy twist to this tropical delight, we’ve incorporated coconut pieces, giving the tea a velvety and satisfying finish.

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