Après Eight Sample

(2-3 cups)
(15-20 cups)

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Everything and everybody needs a special day right? Well, according to the National Confectioners Association, February 19th is chocolate mint day. Mmmm. That’s a good day.

The combination of chocolate and mint is one of the most delectable flavor pairings known to humankind. It’s a fact. The exact origins of the combo are unknown, but considering people have known about both ingredients for thousands of years, it was no doubt a long, long time ago.

In our opinion, this exceptional Après Eight black tea blend is the ultimate expression of the delectable pairing. For a real treat, brew yourself a nice hot pot of tea then add a splash of milk and dash of sugar to open up all the chocolaty, minty goodness.

Here’s to Feb. 19, the tastiest day of the year!

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