tea infusers and mesh balls

$3.50 CAD

Our mesh tea infuser is made of food grade quality stainless steel material which is safe to use in both hot and cold water.  A classic tool for making loose leaf tea. Simply fill ball with desired amount of loose leaf tea, close tab, drop inside mug and add hot water. Wash by hand. Not [...]

$5.50 CAD

Have a heart to heart with your tea cup and brew your favorite blend with this Mesh Heart Infuser. Larger size makes a BIG-CUP-A-TEA. Share your cup of tea or enjoy it all to yourself.

$8.00 CAD

The endless infuser you need. Fill in the morning for a ready-to-brew cup.

$9.50 CAD

It's back in stock! Fill this Push Infuser with your favorite blend, steep your tea according taste, then push the end to squeeze out more flavor.

$9.75 CAD

Hoot Hoot!!! Choose yours wisely... this Owl will steep your favorite tasty blend

$7.50 CAD

Have a blast with your favorite blend! This Hand Grenade Infuser is perfect for steeping any chunky, loose leaf blend!

$8.25 CAD

"Steep your Tea in a Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine"

$11.50 CAD

Fill this 2-in-1 infuser with your favorite blend to steep your tea according to your taste, and stir at the same time!

$8.00 CAD

Only 3 left in stock!! Here's a little teapot, short and stout and all you really need to make the perfect amount.

$9.50 CAD

simply gestured, simply said. communicate without saying a word.... this hand gestures infuser makes a non-verbal statement while steeping your cup of tea.  choose one or choose them all and save!

$7.50 CAD

Lemon for your tea? Try adding fresh lemon slices into this infuser

$9.50 CAD

Is it a fruit or a nut?  Its an Acorn!  Take a longer break TEAday! This Larger than life Acorn infuser for a stronger cup of tea *limited quantities, get yours today!

$8.00 CAD

Get in TEA Hot Tub with your favorite blend. This fun, flexible, chill-out and relax infuser is for all your tea steeping needs 

$8.50 CAD

Put a berryfull twist on loose leaf with this Strawberry tea infuser.  STRAWBELICIOUS!

$9.25 CAD

What do a Duck a Beaver and an Otter have in common? A Platypus!  Steep an interesting conversation over your next cup of tea with this  PlaTEApus infuser

$12.50 CAD

This cute Dinosaur will take you back in time to sit back and enjoy a quiet moment with cup of tea in hand.  Steep your favourite blend today. *limited quantities, get yours today!