$9.46 CAD / month

Head pounding? Stomach pains? Try this herbal.

$18.50 CAD

Pancakes smothered in maple syrup? Yup.

$8.29 CAD

Sweet orange with spicy notes.

$8.35 CAD / month

Pink Lemonade with a raspberry finish. Try it iced!

$8.29 CAD

Memories of family time. Warm and savoury with a lightly sweet finish.

$8.35 CAD / month

Tart, crisp apple on a delicate spice mix.

$8.35 CAD / month

Incredible hot. Even better iced.

$1.39 CAD

This delicious blend of Strawberry and Fruit flavor creates a reminder of New England summers. Strawberry flavor notes are particularly inviting and refreshing.


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$1.81 CAD

Pleasant fruity cup with a delicious ginger finish.

$8.29 CAD

Cinnamon almond with hibiscus & rosehip.

$8.14 CAD

Refreshing eucalyptus to clear the senses - reminiscent of a candy cough drop. Take a deep breath and relax with this soothing tea blend.

$8.91 CAD / month

Fruit notes with a rosemary touch in this wellness tea.

$1.39 CAD

Smooth chocolate flavor with vibrant cranberry bites. The fruity sweetness is tempered by a nutty cocoa finish.

$21.00 CAD

Looking for a delicious, caffeine-free option? Done.

$8.79 CAD

A lovely blend of fruit, herbs and natural flavors.

$8.29 CAD

Nutty and creamy toffee notes give a warm and fuzzy flavor to freshly dried fruit and tart hibiscus.