$8.35 CAD / month

Smooth and creamy like grandma's favorite candy.

$10.73 CAD / month

A premium blend of Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri teas.

$14.89 CAD$16.49 CAD

Warm and toasty - perfect for those autumn nights

$8.35 CAD / month

Unique maple sweetness with blackberry pungency.

$1.54 CAD

Fresh maple on a high grown Ceylon green tea.

$8.91 CAD / month

Freshly popped corn with sweet & salty caramel

$9.50 CAD

Is it a fruit or a nut?  Its an Acorn!  Take a longer break TEAday! This Larger than life Acorn infuser for a stronger cup of tea *limited quantities, get yours today!

$1.69 CAD

Discover sweet notes with fresh fruit highlights. Especially exquisite when garnished with a cinnamon stick. A pleasing fruit aroma.

$8.35 CAD / month

Real Lemon & Ginger mixed with outstanding Ceylon.

$1.39 CAD

Memories of family time. Warm and savoury with a lightly sweet finish.

$8.91 CAD / month

Because "Pumpkin Spiced Chai" is too basic.

$19.50 CAD

Smells like a steaming cup of Earl Grey.

$18.50 CAD

Pancakes smothered in maple syrup? Yup.

$8.91 CAD / month

Freshly baked banana bread in a cup. Try it iced!

$8.35 CAD / month

Tart, crisp apple on a delicate spice mix.

$9.46 CAD / month

Premium green tea with a floral finish.