These Are The Best Teas To Drink After Workout

workout tea

Workout Tea: A Guide by Dollar Tea Club

After a workout, you may crave a large glass of ice cold water to cool you down or maybe a protein shake to fill you up and build your muscle. But have you ever thought about a cup of tea? Whether you like it hot or iced, tea is a great way to ingest antioxidants and yummy ingredients (while tasting yummy at the same time!). Let’s take a look at the best loose-leaf teas to add to your workout tea collection.

Herbal Tea

There are so many different blends of loose-leaf herbal tea, it’s easy to find something that contains ingredients perfect for you and your workout regimen! Different herbs contain different properties that can help fuel your workout and recover your body. Dollar Tea Club has a wide variety of herbal teas, but these are some of the best to try after your exercise routine:

Full Power

This blend has tons of ingredients and herbs to help restore energy to your body after a hard or long workout. First of all, it’s loaded with antioxidants (so you can’t really go wrong there!). Also, the main ingredient in this blend is peppermint, which kills bacteria and has a calming and numbing effect. Another great ingredient it contains is ginger, which is anti-inflammatory and helps with digestion. With all the ingredients together, Full Power makes for a fantastic and delicious boot after your workout!

Ease N’ Fit

Ease N’ Fit is a perfect herbal tea to try iced as a refreshing thirst quencher. Being a lightly caffeinated mostly-herbal blend, it’s perfect for those early morning yoga classes when you need to keep those eyes open but don’t want to feel jittery. This delicious light blend will not only be your favorite workout tea, its light and delicious hint of strawberry will make you want to drink it every day (even when you’re too tired to work out!).

Green Tea: A good workout tea?

For a simple post-workout beverage, green tea should be your go-to. It’s pretty much perfect for any occasion, especially after exercising since it’s packed full of antioxidants. Here are our picks:

Sencha Organic

For a classic loose-leaf green tea blend, Sencha Organic is your gal. It brews into a nice light pale-green cup of tea that can be enjoyed any time of day! Green tea is perfect because it’s full of catechins, an antioxidant that does many things, one of which is reducing muscle damage that can be caused by exercise. We prefer drinking this blend hot, but you can drink it any way that you’d like!

Tarzan & Jane

For a blend that tastes delicious iced, try Tarzan & Jane! It contains both green and black tea, so when you think about it, it’s like you’re getting double the antioxidants and double the caffeine. At least, that’s the way we like to think about it! It also contains papaya pieces, apricot pieces, and orange peel that give it a tropical taste that you just can’t get with a traditional green tea blend.


Almost any premium loose-leaf tea that you drink will contains loads of antioxidants and tasty ingredients, so you really can’t go wrong! Whether you decide to drink herbal tea or green tea or you go with your favorite Earl Grey or fruit tea, you’re guaranteed a delicious drink when you subscribe to Dollar Tea Club for only $1 per month! Check out our wide variety of loose-leaf teas and subscribe today to receive 3 premium samples every month, perfect for pre- or post-workout.

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