4 Herbal Tea Blogs Worth Your Time

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Are you tired of the same old tea routines and recipes? Maybe new ways to use that herbal tea? Look no further! One of the best ways to learn more about tea is to check out some blogs and Instagram accounts that provide you with current and up-to-date ways to enjoy tea.


Lu Ann Tea Lover
Picture from: https://twitter.com/teaaholic


The Cup of Life | @teaaholic

Lu Ann Pannunzio is a self-proclaimed “teaaholic” from Ontario, and that definitely shows through on her blog. Her site is both aesthetically pleasing and filled with fun blog posts. They range from helpful tips on steeping your favorite blends to interesting recipes you can create using various types of tea. She’s even written a book, Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers, which you can purchase on Amazon!


Tea Happiness by Sara Shacket | @tea_happiness

Sara Shacket Tea Lover Blogs
Sara Shackett, Tea Happiness

Sara Shacket is an avid tea drinker and lover based in Brooklyn whose blog aims to share her love of tea through photos, reviews, and articles about tea culture. Sara gives very detailed reviews of tea blends from stores and sites that you might never have heard of before, but will want to try after reading some of her reviews! She also interviews various people who know a lot about tea and who have had an influence in the “tea world” which you don’t see on a lot of blogs! Her posts are informative but also fun and light-hearted, a winning combination in our book.

World of Tea | @worldoftea

World of Tea offers a different perspective on tea than your traditional “blogger”. Rather than one individual making posts, it’s a collaboration of many different people posting informative and topical posts about all sorts of different teas. There’s a mix of tea recipes, listicles, explanatory articles, and controversial topics surrounding tea. There’s a post for everyone, so it’s a great site to check out if you want to learn more about tea!

Dollar Tea Club Blog | @dollar_tea_club

You may be thinking: of course they’re gonna insert themselves into this.

Here’s why our blog is worth a read. We provide you with information that’s useful for any season and those that are year-round (just like how our premium loose-leaf teas can be enjoyed all year). You’ll find recipes that incorporate our premium tea blends, out-of-the-box ways to use (and reuse) loose leaf tea, and information about various types of tea that you might not know. You’ll even see funny stuff like that one time we joined Tinder as a cup of tea. Plus, you’ll see us explore the creative uses of tea, whether you’re recovering from a hangover, celebrating a wedding, or cleaning your garden. 

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Even though we love our blog here at Dollar Tea Club, we also love reading other bloggers’ posts so that we can educate ourselves even more about the world of tea. There’s always another recipe to learn, flavor to enjoy, or way to educate ourselves about the tea that we’re drinking and blogs are one of the best ways to do so!


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