The BEST Tea Meme Compilation of all time!

Yes, we know the title is quite the claim to make. But if it’s one thing we’re experts at, it’s tea and memes…which by default, makes us experts at tea memes. Temes, if you will. We’ve compiled some of our favorites below. So grab a mug of tea, sit back, and flex those meme muscles.

This one goes out to those who love to spill the tea at a moment’s notice…

And those who consider every vice as simply a gateway drug to tea (that’s us!)

Though beware: tea itself is also a gateway drug….

This travesty should only ever exist within the realm of a trollface meme…

Main rule of Dollar Tea Club? Go big or go home.

In case anyone was confused about the proper way one should drink their tea…

Only the Engineers will get it.

This is pretty much a weekday mood.

We’re all wishing we were friends with this guy right now

Couldn’t possibly do a tea meme countdown without Kermit the Frog #iykyk

When any minor inconvenience happens….


Dame Maggie Smith is judging your tea-drinking choices.

We love a good cup of green tea, but this was pretty funny.

Now you know tea’s origin story…you’re welcome?

Your daily spelling lesson ^

A mood before tackling any and every task.

This cat knows where it’s at!

The only way one should take their tea….

It’s a long term relationship…

Same, Sir Waggins. Same.

Crazy….for tea!

On the topic of unconventional medical diagnoses…

A worse offense than putting pineapple on pizza (the Queen seems to agree)

Really no hope for you at that point…


The only steeping guide you’ll ever need ^

Talk about a clean energy source!

Real recognize real….

*Instantly adds to cart*

… make it right!

Finally, don’t be like this guy.

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