The Best Hangover Defense, Tea!

tea for hangovers

The Best Hangover Defense, Tea!

Stock up on your tea stash before a night of partying


Going out for a night on the town is always fun. The next morning however, that’s a completely different story. If things got a little too wild last night then a hangover is pretty much unavoidable. Best herbal tea for hangovers.

The worst part of a fun night out is waking up the next morning. Your mouth is so dry, it feels like you haven’t had a drink of water all week. There’s a pounding feeling in your head andtea for hangover your stomach is churning like you just stepped off a roller coaster. That’s right, you’re hungover.

Dealing with a hangover is never fun, but if you have the right essentials then it won’t be such a nightmare. When you’re planning a night out, make sure you plan for the next day as well. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up the next morning. 


Tea and Hangovers: Let’s Make This Easier

Last night was fun, this morning not so much. When you wake up with a hangover you need relief fast. Many symptoms of a hangover include headaches, muscle aches, and dehydration. This is because a night of drinking can take a toll on your body. All that alcohol could cause tissue inflammation and water loss. On top of that, you won’t be feeling too great because too much alcohol can also disrupt your sleep. 

Why is tea the ultimate drink for hangover relief? Two things that your body needs when you wake up are hydration and caffeine. Since you are going to be sleep deprived when you wake up hungover, you will need caffeine to stimulate your senses. If you normally drink a coffee first thing in the morning, you could benefit from switching to tea on these mornings. Coffee won’t quench your thirst like tea will. 

Reach for either a black tea or a matcha first thing in the morning to get a boost. However, you can’t go wrong with any tea when you have a hangover. Each type of tea has its own set of benefits. We recommend starting your morning out with a caffeinated tea and then switching to herbals or fruit teas as the day goes on. Since tea is such a soothing beverage, most people find it to be a comforting drink to help them ride out the hangover.


The Best Teas For Hangovers

Let’s be real, there’s no wrong choice of tea for hangovers. Any tea that you find comforting is a good choice. Most teas have their fair share of vitamins and antioxidants, and that’s what your body needs after a night of drinking. However, some teas do a better job at combating the hangover than others. Here are the best types of tea to drink when you’re hungover:

Green Tea

When your head is spinning, green tea can be your friend. Many people have praised its health benefits for years making this tea one of the best go-to teas for a hangover. Since it’s loaded with antioxidants it’s known to help defeat those nasty hangover symptoms so people can get back to feeling like their normal selves.

One reason many people turn to green tea is because it has a healthy dose of an amino acid called L-theanine. Why do people love this? Researchers have studied L-theanine for its ability to help the brain create more alpha waves. This essentially means that it could help you calm down.

When you need to give your senses a jolt and get rid of that hangover once and for all, turn that kettle on and brew yourself a cup of Dollar Tea Club’s Lemon Green loose leaf tea.

Ginger Tea

Ginger on its own has been known to help calm nausea and stomach aches. When put in a tea, this ingredient can work wonders. It’s spicy enough to wake your mouth up, but also rich in antioxidants to help you start to feel better. If all that alcohol you drank last night is taking a toll on your stomach, then a ginger tea could be your best option.

Dollar Tea Club knows how rough a hangover can make you feel, so they came up with the ultimate herbal loose leaf blend with the right amount of ginger to help calm your stomach. Next time a hangover has you down, brew up a cup of Hangover Helper.

Turmeric Tea 

Turmeric originally became popular in India, but has also become a staple ingredient for people in North America. This ingredient has been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects. Since heavy drinking could cause inflamed tissue, stocking up on a turmeric tea before a night of drinking is a good idea.

Chamomile Tea

Every tea lover has a chamomile tea hidden somewhere in their stash. This tea is well loved because of how calming it is. For as long as people can remember, this tea is believed toloose leaf ginger tea settle your nerves. When you’re hungover, your body needs rest. Drinking chamomile tea could help you relax and get the rest you need.

Peppermint Tea

When your mouth is so dry that it feels like you spent the night eating cotton balls, a sip of peppermint tea is one of the most refreshing things. Nothing wakes your senses up like peppermint. Another great thing about peppermint is that it’s believed to have soothing qualities like ginger. If all that alcohol gave you a stomach ache, peppermint tea or Dollar Tea Club’s Swedish Mint tea may help relieve the discomfort. 


Final Thoughts: Tea and Hangovers

Next time you are planning to do a night of drink tasting, plan out your hangover ahead of time. You know it’s going to happen, so being prepared can make the whole thing a lot easier to deal with. If you combat your hangover the right way then you may not be suffering with it for very long.

 tea for hangoversHydration and rest are two things your body needs when you’re hungover. Make sure you stock up on some of your favorite teas before you go out, that way you will be prepared when you wake up feeling under the weather. While you’re at it, don’t forget your hangover snacks. 

If you really want to kick that hangover to the curb, we recommend trying The Dollar Tea Club’s Hangover Helper tea. It is loaded with all the right ingredients to help you defeat that nasty hangover. 


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