Teatime: PuriTea


Teatime: PuriTea

Dollar Tea Club’s Original White Tea Blend


PuriTeaWhile all teas are beautiful, they weren’t all created equally. Part of the reason so many people are eager to make tea a part of their daily diet is because each tea blend is packed full of antioxidants. When it comes to drinking for good health, white tea surpasses the rest. This is because white tea has a higher antioxidant content than other teas.

PuriTea is Dollar Tea Club’s purest tea we offer in our shop. However, it doesn’t lack in taste. This Kenyan blend has a pleasant peachy punch, so it tastes as good as it makes us feel. While it’s one of our favorite ways to start the morning, this loose leaf tea blend is low caffeine so a cup in the evening won’t mess up your sleep schedule.

Everyone keeps talking about green tea and black tea when it comes to the healthiest beverages, often ignoring how great white tea really is. When it comes to white tea, PuriTea is the shining star. Let’s learn more about this wonderful blend.


All About PuriTea

This loose leaf tea blend comes straight from an area in Kenya known as “Tuscany of Tea”. It is only picked with the highest of standards to make sure only the best buds make it to your cup. To ensure this, these buds are only picked on days with zero chance of rain in the forecast. 

So much care is taken when picking the white tea buds because there is a lot to look out for. They are carefully picked through to make sure no purple buds get in the mix. The leaves are well inspected to make sure they make the cut. Any leaves that are partially opened, wind damaged, or have insect bites won’t make their way into this pure loose leaf blend. TheyPuriTea also make sure the stems are the perfect length too, as any that are too long or short may affect the tea’s quality.

You may be confused by this tea at first sight because it isn’t actually a pure white shade. Once the tea leaves have been picked they go through the withering process, which is why they get a green tint to them. Nothing else gets done to the leaves in the process. From here, we pack it up and mail it to you.

When you get your hands on this tea, it can be enjoyed served hot or over ice. This tea is easy to drink on both hot and cold days, being the ultimate tea for all seasons. It’s always best when you allow the tea to steep for 2 to 3 minutes with water that is 176F (80C). Never use boiling water with white tea because the leaves are too delicate and it may burn them.


All The Amazing Benefits Of PuriTea

PuriTea is full of antioxidants, but what can this amazing tea do for your wellness? This tea is full of a polyphenol called catechins, which are known to help protect the cells from free radical damage. They may also help to reduce the risk of heart disease because the catechins could boost immunity and relax blood vessels. 

Another reason PuriTea is one of our favorites is that it has epigallocatechin gallate, which may help your body burn fat quicker. Many people like a cup of PuriTea after a meal to help assist with digestion. It turns out green tea isn’t the only beverage that can help a person on their weight loss journey.

Along with catechins, PuriTea is also a great source of fluoride and tannins. The combination of these molecules could be beneficial to your dental health because they are great for fighting bacteria and protecting the teeth against damage caused from sugar. They may also help to protect your teeth by putting a stop to the growth of plaque. 


Fill Your Cup With PuriTea

Any time a person searches for healthy beverages, they are led to many different so-called “health food” websites. One look at the ingredient list on those beverages and you’re likely to see a line-up of ingredients. Although a lot of those ingredients may be marketed as healthy, the real truth is that pure drinks are always healthier for your body. 

When it comes to both food and beverages, the long the list of ingredients in an item the less healthy it is for your body. Real health drinks aren’t full of extra vitamins or other so-called boosting ingredients. Ever notice how people who are always trying the new healthy fads are always on a diet? If you really want to start incorporating healthier beverages into your dietorganic white tea start by looking at the ingredient list.

Whats on the ingredient list for PuriTea? There’s only one ingredient, white tea leaves. Well, maybe there’s 2 ingredients if you include the hot water. Keep things pure in your cup and you won’t have to spend all your extra money on health food trends.  

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