Teatime: Hangover Helper

hangover relief

Teatime: Hangover Helper

The perfect remedy for those hangovers that make you say “I’m never drinking again”


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Happy hour is usually the start to a good night. Unfortunately it also makes for a rough morning. When you wake up after a night of partying you can expect to be in rough condition. Your head will likely be pounding and your stomach is probably doing more flips than an acrobat at the circus. On top of all this, your mouth is drier than a desert on a hot day. This is never a fun way to start the day.

When you wake up with a hangover, you’ll need relief and you’ll need it fast. Part of the reason you feel so poorly when you wake up after a night of drinking is because alcohol causes water loss in your body. You’ll need plenty of hydrating beverages in the morning to help your body recover. Sure water and sports drinks are helpful, but when you’re hungover tea is essential.


The Dollar Tea Club Introduces Hangover Helper Tea

Don’t sit around suffering when you wake up with a hangover. This hangover tea was blended with all the right ingredients to help make your morning go a little smoother. One of the most common hangover cures is a drink called Red Eye, which is made from beer and tomato juice. If you have to go to work or run any errands while hungover, the hair of the dog might not be the best remedy. Hangover Helper is a much better way to kick that hangover to the curb.peppermint tea

Tomato juice is amazing for hangovers because it’s rich with vitamins and is known to help cleanse your body of the toxins from a night of drinking. Even drinking it without the beer can do wonders for a body that’s consumed too much alcohol. Tomatoes have been studied for their effects to lower blood alcohol levels. (source)

The problem with tomato juice is that it’s a very thick substance that many people find unpleasant. When they are already on the verge of throwing up, they can’t bear to gulp down a glass of thick red goop. This gave the brewmaster at The Dollar Tea Club an idea, they could incorporate tomatoes into a tea that would help people feel better after a night of drink tasting. A hangover tea would be much easier than tomato juice to drink when you aren’t feeling well! 


Hangover Helper Tea Blend Is Here To Save Your Day

A hangover doesn’t have to ruin your day. Start your kettle and get yourself a serving of Hangover Helper loose leaf tea. This tea is packed with all the right ingredients to help you ginger tearecover and get on with your day.

  • Tomato
  • Ginger 
  • Hibiscus
  • Beet pieces
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Nutmeg
  • Black Pepper
  • Cardamom
  • Coriander

In case you were a little bit turned off by the idea of tomato in your tea, the spicy notes in this tea make it a tasty experience. Actually, ginger is another ingredient that’s studied for its anti-inflammatory effects. Another reason drinking an excessive amount of alcohol makes you feel as awful as it does is because it causes tissue inflammation. Ginger’s soothing effects could help you kick that hangover sooner.hibiscus tea

It’s very important to get the fluids into you when you have a hangover. If you hit the cocktails pretty hard the night before it’s likely that you have too much sugar in your system. You’ll want to avoid sugary drinks like juices and sodas to quench your thirst. While it’s okay to have a caffeinated tea or coffee when you first wake up to stimulate your senses, it’s a good idea to switch to a herbal tea for the rest of the day.

Hangover Helper tea is the best herbal tea to have in your mug after you’ve partied too hard. This tea is 100% vegan, so everyone can drink it guilt free. Although most people enjoy the calming effect this tea has when it’s hot, it also goes down great when it’s iced. You can kick the flavor up a notch with a slice of lemon or some honey. The only thing we strongly advise you not to do is add milk.   

If you are a fan of the hair of the dog remedy, but don’t like the thickness of tomato juice this herbal tea is perfect for you. If you pour it over ice and add a splash of vodka, you will have a delicious morning after drinking cocktail. However you enjoy this blend, it will be your new go-to tea after you party.


Final Thoughts

Life is too short to waste a day being hungover. Next time you get carried away in the festivities and try too many drinks, pour yourself a mug full of Hangover Helper tea. This herbal tea is packed full of vitamins and calming herbs to make your morning a little less rough. Drinking can cause dehydration, so when you wake up you’ll need to get the fluids back in you. Do hangover helperit the soothing way with an herbal tea.

Even though this tea has tomatoes in it, it won’t make your stomach turn anymore. If anything, it should help calm your stomach so you can enjoy a good breakfast and get on with your day. 

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