Teatime: Bring On The Kompot

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Teatime: Bring On The Kompot

Bringing The Classic Eastern European Flavors To Your Tea Cup


Kompot is well known across Eastern Europe. This traditional punch is made from cooking a variety of different sweet fruits (depending on what’s in season) in a large volume of water. It’s common to add sugar and raisins to make this drink sweeter. This delicious fruity concoction can be enjoyed either hot or cold, making it the ideal fruity punch for all seasons.

This beverage was originally made as a way to preserve fruits, but became a favorite for people all over Europe. If you visit someone in Eastern Europe, it’s likely they’ll have this drinkKompot at home.

If you love kompot as much as we do, you’ll be excited to know there’s an easier way to enjoy your favorite fruity flavors. You may not be able to book a trip to Eastern Europe whenever you get a craving, so Dollar Tea Club wants to bring the kompot taste to you. Only we put a different spin on how it’s done. You won’t have to prepare a bunch of different fruits in a pot and wait for hours. We put the kompot tastes into a sweet loose leaf tea blend so you can enjoy those flavors within a few minutes.

What’s In Kompot Tea?

Every pot of kompot uses different fruits. So it’s likely that the kompot you try at one person’s house will taste a bit different than the one their neighbors’ serve. Most people don’t follow a specific recipe when they make kompot, they usually use whatever fruits are available. That’s why one person’s pot of punch can taste like strawberries and rhubarbs, while the next one has more notes of cherry and apricots. 

As people become more experienced with making kompot, they usually find a fruit mixture that they prefer over others. Our master brewer wanted to incorporate some of their favorite kompot flavors that would also work well as a tea. After a few tries, the final product was the perfect blend to embody the classic kompot flavors in a tea.

This sweet tea blend uses real fruit pieces, including:

  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Orange Slices
  • Pineapple  

This tea also includes hibiscus petals, rosehip, and elderberries to add a mild herbal flavor. We put our own custom spin on this classic drink to bring you a caffeine-free treat that is loose leaf kompot teaunlike any other tea. All it takes is a pinch of sugar and you may as well be drinking the real stuff. 


Our Most Luscious Scented Tea

Mmm…what’s that heavenly smell? When you open the pouch of kompot tea and that scent hits you, you’ll realize this is unlike any other tea blend you’ve actually tried. You may even wonder if you just bought a pouch a tropical fruit punch mix. This tea isn’t meant to trick you either, it tastes just as lovely as it smells. 

If you are from Eastern Europe, but moved to North America then you may be missing the aroma of kompot cooking. We do our best to bring those smells back to you in a sweet fruit tea medley. If you can’t travel home, we can bring some of your favorite flavors to you. 

How Do You Like Your Tea?

Let’s have fun with this blend of tea, shall we? While this tea is perfect to warm up with on a snowy day, it also puts a unique twist on iced tea. Whether you prefer your tea served piping hot or iced cold, this blend is ready to please you. There are many different ways you can make this tea’s flavor shine, however one thing you shouldn’t do is add milk or cream. Milk won’t mix well with the tropical flavors, especially with hot tea.


If you’re someone who doesn’t drink their tea sweet, this blend may change your mind. Traditional kompot is made with sugar, so a little bit of sugar really helps to embody the true European taste of this drink. However, if you are trying to cut back on sugar we highly recommend sweetening this tea with honey. 


Lemon is another ingredient that can be skipped with this tea. The orange and pineapple already provide enough acidity to the tea, so you may find the addition of lemon to be slightly overwhelming. However, if you want to get funky with your kompot tea, we recommend adding other pieces of fruit to your drink. This is your time to get experimental with what you enjoy, just like a true kompot brewer. You may enjoy fresh slices of apples or apricots in the mix, especially if you’re serving kompot iced tea. Sweet cherries can also add a nice flavor as well. For the best fruity flavor, try to choose a fruit that isn’t too high in acid.

Frozen Treats

Beat the heat in summer with kompot popsicles. Not only is this a seriously refreshing treat, but it also is a way healthier alternative to regular popsicles. Just think of all the sugar and food dyes that are in most store-bought popsicles. Kompot tea is an all-natural alternative for your favorite summertime treat.


How To Make The Ideal Cup Of Kompot

Kompot teaThere’s a lot of steps involved in making a great pot of authentic kompoth However, there are only a few when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of kompot tea. Once the water in your kettle reaches boiling point, 212F (100C) it’s the ideal temperature for steeping this tea. Allow the tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. The perfect ratio is 1.5 teaspoons of loose-leaf blend to 8 ounces of water. That’s all it takes to make the perfect cup of kompot at home.

PS: bookmark our interactive tea steeping calculator for an easy guide to steeping the perfect cup of tea every time.

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