We joined Tinder as a Cup of Tea

We joined Tinder as a cup of tea… it turns out some girls really like tea.
We also learned 5 things along the way.

Meet Tea, 27


#1 – Don’t get discouraged

Like most first time Tinderers (that dosen’t sound right), our convsersations started off slow. 


Some girls we chai’d chatting with even had boyfriends


We were starting to sound desperate

 #2 – Tinder is a numbers game, so keep trying

We hit it off with Amanda, but unfortunately we weren’t her type…


#3 Try finding common interests

#4 – Keep it fun & original

We tried a frew freestyles

And some “punny” jokes


#5 – Know when to close (too early is better than never)

And even managed to get a date (kinda)

Thanks for reading!
*brought to you by the semi-productive team at The Tea Club.

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