Uses of Tea: Tea Uses Outside The Cup

Tea Uses

Tea Uses Outside The Cup

One common problem many tea drinkers come upon is getting to a point in their lives where they have too much tea. You may be thinking “how would that ever be a problem?”. There are hundreds of different teas out there, so it doesn’t take long for the average tea lover to buy more loose leaf tea than they have room for


This is when a tea drinker needs to get crafty and realize that there are several other uses for tea. Whether you want to use up your dried tea leaves or want to find uses for used tea leaves, we have a ton of solutions for you. Don’t let that abundance of tea go to waste. Keep reading for plenty of ideas on how to use up those tea leaves:

 Uses of Tea

If you have any tea in your stash that you didn’t enjoy, or just way too much of any kind that you know you won’t drink up before it goes bad then we have some ideas for you. we know many Tea Uses. Also you check some weight lose tea. Tea is more than just a delicious beverage. You can use it to help out with cleaning, self-care, and even craft projects. Check out some of these amazing uses of tea.


Tea is an all natural product, and it can be really helpful in tackling some of those tough jobs around the house. Here are some ways that you can use tea to help out.

Wooden Furniture and Floors

If your wooden furniture or floors are starting to look dull all you have to do is dampen a rag with tea and gently rub it into the wood. Your wood will look new again.


Use green or white tea only for light woods. Black or oolong teas can be used on darker woods.

Glass Cleaner

Cold brew tea can be used to clean windows and mirrors. Just put it in a spray bottle and use no differently than any other glass cleaner. This one smells better though.

All Natural Toilet Cleaner

To clean your toilet with tea all you have to do is place a few bags in your bowl and let them sit for at least an hour. Remove the tea bags before you scrub the bowl.

Ash Cleaner

Want to know what to do with used tea leaves? Place them on the ashes in your fireplace and let them soak them up to make cleaning the fireplace so much easier.


Tea is an all natural deodorizer. The leaves are very absorbent and have the ability to absorb up any odors that are around them. This is why so many avid tea drinkers have a separate area for their tea collections. Let’s find out some great ways you can use tea leaves to help keep your odor issues to minimal.

Deodorizing with TeaRugs

Before vacuuming, sprinkle some tea leaves on your carpet or rugs and allow them to sit for at least 20 minutes. This will leave your floors smelling delightful.

Litter Box

When you change the cat’s litter box, sprinkle some leaves in with the fresh litter to help keep down the smell. Your kitty will thank you. Just scoop them out and replace them next time you change the litter.


Tea has similar properties to baking soda, so placing a dish of open tea in your fridge will help reduce the funky smell fridges get. This makes things a little more manageable when you have to route around in there for something.


Sometimes cooking with onions can leave a strong scent on your hands. Rub some used tea leaves on your hands to soak up the smell. This works well with some strongly scented foods that leave an odor behind.


Your feet do a lot of walking in those shoes. Placing a tea bag in them overnight can help keep them smelling like you haven’t walked a few miles in those shoes. Minty teas are the best tea to use for this problem

Fresh Scents

Tea leaves are beautiful and smell pleasant. You can use them to keep your home smelling beautiful all the time. You can even get experimental and add some of your favorite essential oils to keep the leaves smelling great for longer. Here are some great ways you can use tea leaves to keep your home smelling amazing.

Potpourri  Uses of Tea

Get some pretty dishes and fill them with tea leaves to set around your places as potpourri. This is the easiest way to add a touch of comfort to any room in your home.

Eye Pillows

Add some leaves from your favorite scented tea inside your eye pillows to make relaxing even more enjoyable.


Add calming fragrances such as lavender or chamomile to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Inside Drawers

Fill a miniature sachet with tea leaves and keep it in your drawer so your clothes will smell fresh all the time. A sachet full of mint tea will keep your socks smelling pleasant every time you grab a new pair.

Chemical Free Car Freshener

Just like the sachet full of lea leaves for your drawer, you can also do one to keep inside your car. If you want to keep your car extra fresh, hang a few tea bags from your rear window.


Some types of tea have a strong color to them and can pass that along to anything they come in contact with. This is why you can use teas as an all natural dye. Some teas give off yellow, amber, brown, green, and red hues. Here are a few things you can dye with teas.

Hair and Clothes

Rinse your hair daily with tea to brighten your natural color or soak your desired fabric in a bowl of cooled down tea until it reaches the color you wish to have. It’s simple and less messy than regular dyes.

Paper Crafts

Use tea to stain thicker paper to give it an antique look. Continuously dip the edges of the paper in the tea and let it dry until you achieve your desired look.

Easter Eggs

Brew tea with a splash of vinegar to create an all natural easter egg dye. Each hard boiled egg will need to soak for an hour to reach ideal coloring.

Tea Art

Art is all about getting creative and throwing different media in there. Tea should definitely be one! You can use either a paintbrush or a spray bottle to work some tea into your next masterpiece.


Decorating with TeaTea leaves can also be used to create fun tabletop decor. Do you have any extra clear vases or candle holders? Layer tea leaves and other various objects inside to create a unique decoration.


Tea is not only delicious but also very good for you. It is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that are also good for the plants in your garden. After making yourself a delicious cup of tea, mix the leaves into your garden’s soil to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

Bath and Beauty

Your favorite teas can make you feel as good on the outside as it does on the inside. Consider these fun tips to add tea to your beauty routine:

  •     Swish some tea around your mouth as mouthwash to freshen stale breath
  •     Add tea leaves to homemade soaps to make them prettier and add an extra bit of exfoliant
  •     Steep your bath with tea bags to add extra vitamins for your skin

Green tea baths are packed full of antioxidants that will have you feeling like new.  Beauty with Tea

In The Kitchen

If you’re bored of eating the same meals all the time, just change how you are cooking them. New flavors can be a great way to change up your favorite dishes. Here are some ways to incorporate tea into your cooking:

  •     Steep broths with tea to give it a new flavor
  •     Mix tea leaves with uncooked rice to smoke meats
  •     Make a meat marinade with your favorite strong brew
  •     Add tea leaves to your favorite seasonings

You won’t get bored at dinnertime when you add tea to your dinner.

Relax and Socialize

It’s such a fast-paced world, so make time to invite some friends over and relax with a few pots of tea. Spend some quality time together and just simply enjoy it. Your friends will love the relaxing gathering.


Don’t let any tea in your pantry go to waste. Use these ideas to clean up your stash and make room for next season’s newest flavors.



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