Tea Time: Pink Lemonade Tea

Tea Time: Pink Lemonade Tea

Loose Leaf Pink Lemonade Tea


Pink lemonade is one of the most requested teas of the summer. Not only is this tea delicious, but it’s also one of the most Instagram worthy teas we sell at the Dollar Tea Club. The vivid pink shade of this pink lemonade tea is the exact pop of color your feed needs.

This beautiful pink lemonade tea hits all the right notes when you need a refreshment. Imagine taking a sip of pink lemonade after working in the heat all day, but without all that extra sugar. Citrus fans are going to want to add a few extra pouches to their cart before this tea sells out.


Pink Lemonade Tea

Pink lemonade has been a favorite of our brewmaster for as long as they can remember. There’s something about the tartness of the yellow lemons and the sweetness of the pink berries that pair so perfectly together. The only thing they didn’t like about this summer quencher is how sugary it was.

Our brewmaster knew that there had to be a way to bring their favorite citrusy drink into the world of loose leaf teas. They began experimenting with ingredients that they believed would bring this drink to life in our mugs. Once the brewmaster put together the final ingredients for this lemon rose tea, they knew they had a tea that would make pink lemonade lovers proud. 

As tea lovers, we’ve been quite impressed by what the Dollar Tea Club brewmaster has created this season. However, this pink lemonade loose leaf tea recipe sits at the top as one of our favorites. 


Is Pink Lemonade Tea Versatile?

Pink lemonade is one of our herbal teas. These teas are most popular when they are enjoyed iced. Iced pink tea is one of the most refreshing drinks we currently have in stock. However, lemon is such a versatile flavor that many tea drinkers enjoy hot lemonade tea as well. 

This strawberry lemonade tea may be caffeine free, but the flavor has enough energy to wake you up first thing in the morning. It will give your mouth that jolt you need to get out of that “not awake enough to function” phase in the morning. One of the main rose lemonade tea benefits is that it can leave you feeling awake without the use of caffeine. 


Dress Up Your Tea

Pink iced tea is so beautiful, many of our customers can’t help but dress their beverage up a bit to show off on Instagram. There are so many unique ways you can fancy up this drink to stand out for a picture that will make your profile stand out. Often people add a slice of lemon to garnish their iced tea, but with pink lemonade we like to get a bit extra and add some berries to the glass.

One trend that’s really popular among iced tea drinkers this summer is decorated ice cubes. They are believed to add an extra dose of flavor to your beverage, but we think they take your drink’s style up to the next level. Many people are freezing pieces of colorful fruit and edible flowers in their ice cubes. This trend can make an already gorgeous glass of pink iced tea seem fit for a queen.


Cocktails Anyone?

Want to know how to make pink lemonade tea even more fun? Add a dash of sugar and a shot of vodka. While regular vodka can make for an excellent cocktail, pink iced tea really shines when it’s paired with a flavored vodka. We highly recommend raspberry or strawberry vodka to take your cocktail to the next level.

Another great way to enjoy pink lemonade loose leaf tea is by mixing it with cranberry juice and liquor of your choice. The cranberry juice will likely have sugar in it already so you may not need to add any to the cocktail to bring out the flavor. (However, you can always sweeten the tea to your own preference.)


Why You Need More Lemon Tea In Your Life

Any type of lemon loose leaf tea is good to have in your collection. This is because lemon is an ingredient loaded with vitamins. It can give you an instant pick me up without having to worry about a crash later on. There’s nothing more refreshing to the taste buds than a lemony jolt any time you feel your energy levels lowering.

Pink lemonade is a fan favorite lemon flavor from the Dollar Tea Club’s herbal tea collection. This tea hits all the right notes, any time of the day. While it was originally perfected for the summer collection, this tea makes an impression every season. Anyone who enjoys citrusy herbal teas needs to have this one in their collection. (We recommend grabbing extra because this one’s selling fast!)

Tip: Avoid adding any type of milk to this tea. This tea has more acidic flavors that will not mix well with milk. Not only will it taste unpleasant, it may also cause a stomach ache. The only addition you will need to make to this tea is sugar or honey for sweetness according to preference. 

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