Tea Time: Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy Tea

Tea Time: Happy Tummy Tea

Soothe Your Stomach Troubles The Tasty Way


Are you here because you’re feeling guilty? Maybe you strolled into a party last night with the intentions of staying straight and narrow, but there was temptation everywhere you turned. Happy Tummy tea, You tried to stay true to your word but as the night went on your self-control slowly disappeared and you gave in. 

That’s right, you cheated… on your diet. Now you’re sitting there with an awful feeling in your stomach, thinking about what you did last night. Yet, we can’t blame you for giving into temptation. With all of the pizza, cakes, burgers, chips, and candies surrounding you last night, it’s understandable that you slipped up. 

Okay, so you made a little mistake when you went out last night. Normally we’d tell you to just forget about it, but that awful feeling in your stomach isn’t guilt from cheating on your diet.happy tummy  Sometimes when indulgences get the better of us we need to turn to digestion helpers for relief.


How Happy Tummy Tea Could Save The Day

Tummy troubles can often take us by surprise. When your gut is acting up it can really take a toll on your day. The stomach cramps can make it hard to move around, even causing you troubles when trying to perform daily activities. Bloating makes your clothes feel tighter, and we don’t need to get started on how bad the gas is.

Sometimes the tastiest treats leave people feeling the ickiest. Life is way too short to say no to cake though. For the occasions when the food is just too good to pass up we recommend finishing the meal with a tea for stomach issues. A good digestive tea could help your stomach recover from all of the junk food you just unleashed on it.

Every now and again people need help with digestion, it happens to the best of us. Even people who haven’t indulged may experience tummy troubles every now and again. At The Tea Club we understand these issues can sneak up on a person, which is why we added the Happy Tummy tea blend to our shop.

This digestive boosting tea works its wonders to give that awful feeling in your stomach an eviction notice. A cup of happy tummy tea may provide the relief you need so you can stop blaming that putrid smell on the dog.


The Magical Ingredients Of Happy Tummy Tea

What makes Happy Tummy tea such a miracle worker? Well, this tea is made up of:

  • Senna leaves
  • Hibiscus
  • Apple pieces
  • Rosehip
  • Pomegranate pieces

tummy teaThe fruity notes of this digestive tea balance out the bitter flavor of the senna leaves, leaving us with a beautiful and mellow tea. Often people are quick to pass up digestive relief teas because some of them are too pungent and unpleasant to get down. This blend was created to provide relief, but still taste pleasant. 

Let’s talk about senna leaves for a moment. While all the ingredients in this tea make it beautiful, the senna leaves are the main magical ingredient for a happy stomach. Senna comes from a large selection of flowering plants in the legume family. It can be made from the leaves, flowers, and fruits of the plant.

Senna is often used as an all natural laxative. It is a common ingredient to find in digestive teas or over the counter supplements. The reason for this is that senna is great for stimulating bowel movements. For decades, many people have turned to it for relief when they are constipated.

Although senna leaves may be the superhero in this tea, they aren’t working alone. Hibiscus and rosehip are there for extra support. All three of these ingredients make an excellent team, working together to help soothe stomach troubles. Say goodbye to gas and bloating! 


How To Drink Happy Tummy Tea

This tea is caffeine free, so you can drink it anytime (day or night) without interrupting your sleep schedule. The ideal water temperature should be 100C (212F) and the tea should happy stomachsteep for 3 to 5 minutes. Happy Tummy tea can be enjoyed hot or iced, but hot tea may provide faster relief because it breaks up the food quicker.

Once the tea is ready to drink it’s best to consume as is. If you prefer a sweeter tea, then adding some sugar or honey is okay because it won’t ruin the drink’s flavor or relieving effects. However, that’s all that should be added. Never add milk, mint, or lemon to this blend for extra flavor or else it will be ruined.


Final Thoughts: Why Happy Tummy Tea Should Be In Your Pantry

You never know when tummy troubles are going to strike, which is why you should have Happy Tummy tea ready to make at any time. Senna has been used to ease bowel issues for centuries and it’s the number one ingredient for a happy tummy. 

Next time you go wild at the snack station you don’t have to feel guilty the following day. If you need a digestive boost afterwards, turn that kettle on and find relief with this delicious senna blend. 

tea for stomachRemember the late race car driver Ayrton Senna? He was speedy behind the wheel. The main ingredient in Happy Tummy tea shares the same name as him. It may just be a coincidence, but we like to think this tea drives through your bowels as quickly as he sped through the race track. 


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