Tea Calculator: Get The Perfect Brew Every Time

Tea calculator

Tea Calculator: Get The Perfect Brew Every Time

Making Your Ideal Cup Of Tea Is Easier Than You Thought

As the old saying goes, happiness comes in the form of good tea and warm socks. Anybody can find a warm pair of socks, but making a good tasting cup of tea is another story. Do you know what is a tea calculator? If you love tea but struggle to make it taste as good as your favorite barista does then keep reading because we are going to break down the mathematics of steeping the perfect cup.

Water to tea ratio isn’t the only thing that you need to consider when it comes to making the tea taste just right. Your strength preference, water temperature, timing, and quantity all playTea calculator key factors as well. 

If math isn’t your strong subject, don’t worry. The tea calculator makes learning how to make a perfect cup of tea as easy as tying a shoe. Before you know it, that overpriced cafe you’ve been buying your teas from will be a thing of the past.


What Is A Tea Calculator? 

The team at The Tea Club has worked very hard to make sure you have the best selection of teas to choose from. It’s important to us that you enjoy drinking tea as much as we enjoy discovering new tea blends for you to try. Making the perfect cup of tea isn’t difficult, but if you’re new to the world of loose leaf tea then you may need some help to get the ratio and timing perfected.

If you over or under-steep a tea then you won’t get to enjoy its flavor and you could potentially ruin its health benefits. A lot of people are under the impression that they don’t enjoy a certain type of tea simply because they didn’t make it right. 

One example is when a person over-steeps black tea, it ends up tasting way too strong and may upset their stomach. This could lead them to believe black tea is awful and makes them sick. However, if they gave black tea another chance while using the tea calculator they could have a very different opinion. With the right steeping time and temperature, black tea has a bold and often nutty flavor that is very enjoyable. Those flavors can easily be ruined by over-steeping.

We have created an interactive tea calculator to help you learn how to make the perfect steeped tea suited to your tastes. Making a perfect cup of tea isn’t complicated once you know make the perfect cup of teahow to brew tea the right way. 


How Does The Tea Calculator Work?

How much tea to put in the teapot won’t be an issue for you anymore now that you’ve discovered The Tea Club’s tea calculator. We recommend bookmarking the link so you have easy access whenever you need it. 

1.) The first step you need to do is pick out which type of loose leaf tea you would like to make:

  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Herbal & Fruit
  • Oolong
  • Rooibos


All 6 types of teas are different from one another, and making sure you have the right ratio, time, and temperature is essential for a great tasting cup of tea. 

2.) Since everybody is different, in the second step you will need to select your strength reference:

  • Mild: For those who enjoy a lighter flavor
  • Suggested: What the tea experts suggest for the best flavorhow to steep your tea
  • Strong: For those who want a more intense flavor in their cup


3.) Next, you will need to select the quantity of tea you plan on making. Whether you’re having a solo cup or making a pot for the family, we will help you get the right ratio. 

  • Cup: For those fancy teacups that make you feel like you are having tea with the queen.
  • Mug: For those serious tea drinkers that aren’t messing around.
  • Pot: A family sized serving, or great when company stops by.
  • Pitcher: When you have a crowd to serve.


After selecting your loose leaf tea type, your strength preference, and the quantity that you plan on making, this interactive calculator will figure out the rest:

  • Amount: A measurement of how much loose leaf tea you really need.
  • Steep time: How much time you let it steep for (this is essential for determining how the tea will taste).
  • Steep Temperature: If the water isn’t hot enough the tea won’t steep properly, and if it’s too hot the tea may burn. This will tell you the exact temperature the water should be for your tea. 

Is The Tea Calculator Necessary?

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. Besides, who has time for poor quality tasting tea anyways. The tea calculator can actually save you time and you’ll no longer be asking questions like “how much oolong per cup?” or “what’s the green tea to water ratio for a pitcher?” 

We recommend using this calculator, especially if you are new to making tea, because the right steep can bring out all of the delicious flavors that your tea of choice has to offer. Many teas are also packed with nutritional benefits that may get lost if the tea isn’t steeped properly. Make yourself nothing but the best, and begin the right way with our interactive tea calculator.

interactive tea calculator


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