Here Are the Best Natural Beauty Boxes You Need to Try

natural beauty boxes

Our Favorite Natural Beauty Boxes While you may be familiar with Dollar Tea Club and our monthly subscription boxes, you may be surprised by the world of natural subscription box sites out there! If you’re interested in natural beauty products, we’ve rounded up a list of the best natural beauty boxes you seriously need to try! […]

How to Use Tea to Perfect Your Garden

tea garden

Gardening isn’t always easy (nor affordable), especially when you need to constantly buy fertilizers and soil enhancers to have a beautiful, blooming garden. Luckily, we’ve found an awesome, affordable way to save you time and those hard earned dollars this summer with a tea garden. Ok- it’s not really a tea garden, but we will […]

9 Unique Botanicals That Make Your Tea so Awesome


Have you ever been curious about some of the unique botanicals used to make your favorite herbal teas? At Dollar Tea Club, your favorite loose leaf teas incorporate a variety of natural and premium ingredients, but there are a few you may not be familiar with! With Spring in full bloom and Summer on the […]