How to Spice Up Movie Night with Tea

Tea Time for Movie

As Summer comes to end, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a way to fit one more movie-night or Summer blockbuster in before you return to school or cooler weather. Whether you’re staying home with friends and family (or solo) and ordering-in or going to the theatres, you can enjoy a cup of tea with whatever film you decide to watch. But with so many options of loose-leaf tea to choose from at Dollar Tea Club, what type of tea should you choose to drink with the movie you watch?


Action/Adventure | Rooibos Tea


When you’re settling in to watch an action movie like The Fate of the Furious or an adventure movie like Pirates of the Caribbean, Rooibos tea is a great (and tasty) option for you! It’s got a smoky and sweet flavor all at once, so you’re getting a little bit of everything (just like an action or adventure movie!). And to top it all off, Rooibos is completely caffeine-free. Believe us, you won’t want any extra caffeine when you’re watching a film that’s keeping you on your toes! Here are a couple of our favorite loose-leaf Rooibos blends:


Hot: Vanilla Caramel Swirl

Iced: What the Duck!?


Comedy | Fruit Tea


Fruit tea is a delicious blend that you should enjoy while watching any of your favorite comedies, from classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to newfound favorites like Girls Trip. And why would that be? Well, fruit tea is basically a sweeter blend of herbal tea. It’s got all the same great antioxidants and is caffeine-free, but with a more fun, more frui-tea taste. Not too strong, not too subtle, and it’ll taste great with a bowl of popcorn or some gummy bears! Here are some of our favorites this Summer:


Hot: Tropical Mango

Iced: Tutti-Frutti


Drama | Green Tea


We love a good drama (and we know you do, too). Dramas are a classic pick for any movie night, and so is our next pick: green tea! Don’t get us wrong, dramas are filled with momentum and keep you within the story, but there can sometimes be moments where they lag or the story is a little slow. So, what better than a little bit of caffeine to keep you awake? Green tea has just enough caffeine to keep you awake, but also contains alkaloids and amino acids that will keep you calm when all the drama is going down! Here are our recommendations for your next movie night:


Hot: Strawberry Shortcake

Iced: Cactus Fig


Documentary | Black Tea


Documentaries aren’t always the first choice for movie-goers or when you’re picking out something to watch on Netflix, but they can be interesting if you find the right topic! Blackfish gained huge momentum in 2013 for exposing SeaWorld’s practices and First Position follows six young dancers and their journeys as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix. If you find the right topic, you’ll stay riveted, but if not, you might have some trouble keeping your eyes open! Black tea will ensure that no matter the subject matter, you’ll be awake for the duration of the documentary. It contains between 14 to 70 milligrams of caffeine and a strong, distinct taste perfect for movie night! Here are some of our favorite loose-leaf black teas:


Hot: Earl Grey

Iced: Almond Biscotti


Horror | Herbal Tea


We’ve made it to our last movie genre: horror! Classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street and modern takes on horror like The Conjuring are perfect picks for a night in. Or you can go to the theatres, since there’s almost always a horror movie showing these days! For this genre, we recommend drinking herbal tea, arguably the most relaxed and chill of all teas. Herbal tea is created using tisanes, such as leaves, flowers, fruits, spices, and roots, so it’s 100% free of caffeine. You definitely do not want to consume caffeine while watching a horror movie, so stay away from sodas and black teas. With jump scares around every corner, you’ll already be on edge (trust us!). These are the perfect loose-leaf teas for a spine-chilling night:


Hot: Full Power

Iced: Sweet Dreams


We hope that you’ve been enjoying lots of tea this Summer, and that you continue to do so as we start to transition into Fall! If you’re going off to school, enjoy your last few weeks watching late-night movies and spending time with friends and family. Subscribe to Dollar Tea Club for $1 per month for three premium loose-leaf tea samples, perfect for enjoying at a movie night. Let us know what teas you’ve been drinking at movies nights this Summer in the comments below or on our social media!

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