3 Loose-Leaf Tea Hair Dyes You Should Know About

Tea and Hair Dye

It’s natural for people to want to change or alter their natural hair color, but you don’t need a box dye that contains chemicals to do so! If you have virgin hair and are looking to darken or lighten your hair color, you can actually use loose-leaf tea from Dollar Tea Club to do the work for you. While you won’t be able to go from red hair to blonde hair or blonde hair to black hair, you can deepen and enhance your brown or black hair, revitalize your red hair, and lighten your blonde hair.

Brown & Black Hair | Sage + Black Tea Rinse

If your black or brown hair has lightened in the sun or you just want to give it some life, this all-natural hair color is a great option for you. The only ingredients in this rinse are dried sage, loose-leaf English Breakfast, and hot water, so it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and can be used often. Here are the steps:


  1. Combine 1 tablespoon of dried sage and 2 tablespoons of English Breakfast in a heatproof container. Pour one cup of hot water over your mixture and let it steep for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Strain out your dried sage and loose tea leaves. Use your freshly-brewed black tea rinse in your hair after shampooing. Let sit in your hair for several minutes and then rinse off.


Keep in mind, you might not see results immediately. Since it doesn’t contain any dyes or chemicals, the darkening of your hair will be gradual and subtle. This is a really nice option for those of you with grey hair or roots, or those of you that simply want to revitalize your hair and provide it with a boost of antioxidants! You can also keep your black tea rinse in the fridge for several days so if you’re using the rinse daily, you won’t need to make it every day.

You can use this rinse everyday if you want, or spread out through the week or even the month. It’ll only last several days, so use it as frequently or infrequently as you’d like!


Blonde Hair | Herbal Tea + Chamomile Mask

For this all-natural alternative to a traditional hair dye, you’ll need a little more patience. It only requires four ingredients, but it needs to stay in your hair for up to 60 minutes. To lighten and brighten your natural blonde hair, you’ll need Dollar Tea Club’s Detox, chamomile tea, lemon, and plain yogurt. For a thicker consistency, rather than a runny consistency, use plain Greek yogurt. Here are the steps:


  1. Steep 4 bags of chamomile tea and 2 tablespoons of Detox (in an infuser) in one cup of water. Let steep for 20 minutes, then cool.
  2. Mix your cooled brewed tea with one cup (single serving) of natural plain yogurt and two teaspoons of lemon juice.
  3. Apply mixture to clean, damp hair. Pin up hair or cover hair with a shower cap and let sit for 30-60 minutes. Once desired time has passed, rinse out.


This hair mask should lighten your blonde hair up to half a shade and enhance your natural highlights, giving you a lighter and brighter look! The yogurt and the herbal tea work to moisturize and nourish your hair, while the chamomile and the lemon juice are going to work on lightening your hair. If you plan on spending some time in the sun, you can also combine the chamomile and Detox tea with the lemon juice and spray it onto your hair before you head outside. You’ll likely see results faster, but it involves sitting in the sun for an afternoon.

While this hair mask won’t change your hair forever, it will last longer than a couple of days. You can use it every day if you’d like, or every so often just to refresh your hair color.


Red Hair | Rooibos + Lavender Mask

Rooibos tea is a great way to enhance your luscious red locks. Not only is it a red-colored tea that can add subtle color and highlights, but it also contains antioxidants that are great for those of you with dry or damaged hair. This particular mask only contains three ingredients: Dollar Tea Club’s What the Duck!?,  lavender essential oil (or another essential oil of your choice), and plain yogurt. Without further ado, here are the steps:


  1. Steep 6-8 tablespoons of What the Duck!? in a pot of boiling water for about 30 minutes. The tea should be very concentrated for the best result.
  2. Strain out your tea leaves and combine your freshly-steeped tea with yogurt until you have the consistency to your liking. You may like it on the runny side, or on the thicker side depending on your preference. Add in a couple drops of essential oil.
  3. Apply and massage in mixture on dry hair from root to tip and cover with a shower cap. Leave in for up to an hour, then rinse out and air dry.


If your red hair has gone limp and lifeless or has faded after spending too much time in the sun this Summer, you’ll get the best results from this hair mask. The Rooibos and the yogurt will moisturize your hair to perfection, but will also enhance your natural color. The essential oil gives it a pleasant scent that’ll make the hour-long experience more relaxing, and something to look forward to!


Since this mask will take up about an hour of your day, you probably aren’t going to want to use it every day. Try using it once a week for a weekly refresher and revitalizer for your hair.


You can use any of these alternatives to box-dyes on non-virgin hair, too, to refresh your hair. We recommend these recipes for those of you who want to enhance your natural color without damaging your locks with the chemicals in box dyes or bleach. Keep in mind, if you want to drastically alter your hair color from black to blonde or blonde to red, you should consult with a professional hairstylist or colorist before doing so to maintain life in your hair and to be safe.


Make sure to check out Dollar Tea Club’s monthly loose-leaf tea subscription service for only $1 per month! You’ll get three premium loose-leaf tea samples per month that you can enjoy traditionally in a mug or unconventionally as a hair colorant. If you love these recipes or have a personal favorite that you’ve been using for years, let us know down in the comments or on Dollar Tea Club’s Facebook page!

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