Fun Facts About Tea Sommeliers

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Did You Know? Fun Facts About Tea Sommeliers

Every Tea Lover’s Dream Job


At one point in time, wine took the cake for the most dignified beverage in almost every culture. Many people are familiar with wine sommeliers, but have you ever heard of teatea waiter sommeliers? They are the experts on all things tea. 

These days, tea has taken over as one of the most beloved beverages in most cultures. Not only is it a healthier alternative to sugar-filled beverages, but it also comes in a variety of different blends. In the world of tea, there really is something for everyone.


What Exactly Is a Tea Sommelier?

A tea sommelier is trained to know everything possible on the subject of tea. They are experts on the taste, history, and general facts about the most beautiful beverage in the world. Each tea blend has its own rich history, and tea sommeliers are the ones who can tell you all about it.

Similar to wine, different blends of tea pair better with different foods. Tea and cookies are the ultimate afternoon duo, but a tea sommelier knows which teas and cookies belong on the table with one another. Not only are they experts on taste pairing, but they also know how to better prepare your favorite blends.

tea sommeliersWhat’s really unique is that many tea sommeliers can tell you which area a tea was grown in simply by tasting it. However, each sommelier has their own specialties. While some sommeliers may be experts at either black or green teas, others are basically magicians when it comes to herbal blends.


Where Can I Find a Tea Sommelier?

Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender is the ultimate tea sommelier. (Speaking of Uncle Iroh, make sure to check out our Uncle Iroh blend). When you think of experts on tea, he’s usually the first character that comes to mind. There’s plenty of real life Uncle Iroh’s out there, they can usually be found running a tea shop themselves. Most tea sommeliers put their passion into their own tea shop or even lend their expertise toTea Sommeliers different cafes and hotel restaurants. 

Here at Dollar Tea Club we have our own tea sommelier, whom we often refer to as our brewmasters. Not only are they experts on all things tea, but they’re also always keeping an eye on our group to find more similar blends to those our members already love. Thanks to our tea sommelier, we’re able to source the best black, green oolong, herbal, and fruit teas from around the world. Hats off to our tea sommeliers, as they consistently help us find the best teas around.


Could I Become a Tea Sommelier?

If you love tea and believe that you have the nose and tongue for the job, then it’s possible for you to become a tea sommelier too! There are actually college-level courses, available at certain schools or online, that teach the necessary skills to become a tea expert. If you successfully complete all of the modules in the course then you could become a certified tea sommelier.

Becoming a tea sommelier can help anyone take their love of tea to the next level. They will have a better understanding of all of the principles of tea, as well as a wider comprehension of the tasting notes of different teas. Upon completion of the course, they will never have to second guess how to prepare tea the proper way ever again. Did you know that from just a sip of tea, a tea sommelier can identify the region a tea was gr

However, being a tea sommelier is about more than just tasting different blends. A real tea sommelier will be familiar with the preparation and processing methods of the different types of tea. They’ll have a wide knowledge of the history behind various types of teas, and the stories behind the blends. To tea sommeliers, it’s more than just a beverage.


Let’s Celebrate Tea Sommeliers!

Here at the Dollar Tea Club there’s nothing we love more than a tea sommelier in training. If you love sipping on your favorite tea blends more than any other beverage, then you are part way there on becoming a tea sommelier yourself. We want to help you celebrate your favorite beverage, while also making your life easier.

You may have heard of tea subscription boxes. These are boxes that get shipped to your mailbox monthly, featuring samples and full size pouches of different tea blends to try. The cool thing is, each one can be customized. If you receive a sample that you fall in love with, then you have the option to add it to your subscription and receive a pouch every month. Even if you only drink tea a few times a week, they are worth it. 

Dollar Tea Club offers a few different subscription boxes, depending on how much tea you’d like to receive each month. Our most exclusive subscription is the Tea Sommelier package. In a nutshell, you tell us how much tea you drink and we will do the rest of the work for you. Whether you drink a few cups each week or a few a day, we can create a mouth-watering package for you. Each box will include:

  • Perfect amount of tea for a month
  • Samples to taste some more
  • Free infuser with the first order
  • Free package of tea filters with the first order


Final Thoughts: All About Tea Sommeliers

Tea sommeliers are the people you can turn to when you want to learn more about your favorite blends. They know all the interesting facts about your favorite blends and they can spot the purest leaves before they make it to your cup. When you want to know which tea is the right choice to pair with your favorite beverage, ask a tea sommelier. 

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