Ever Wonder What the World’s Most Bizarre Teas are?

Bizzare Teas

Ever Wonder What the World’s Most Bizarre Teas are? 


A cup of tea is undoubtedly one of the most common beverages that is loved by millions of people. It is the one drink that is consumed by people from all over the world.  Typically, tea is generated using green tea leaves. However, there are several other kinds of teas that are made using a plethora of other tea leaves and ingredients from different parts of the world.

One Bizarre Teas

Now you can check some bizarre teas. Do we know what is the World’s Most Bizarre Teas? Let’s get you familiar with some of the world’s most bizarre teas, you would think in a million years that people drink.

Unusual Tea

Russian Brick Tea

As the name suggests, Russian brick tea originates its name from the tea preparation method it follows.

The foremost step is compressing the black tea into rock hard tablets. Then these tablets are used for making the tea just like we use the sugar cubes. A little strange right?

This method is also used in Russia for the transportation of the tea. To make the tea, all you need to do is grate off the corner of the tea tablet and add boiling water to the cup. The method is not really prevalent now, but a few companies are still producing it. Would you be willing to drink a cup of tea made using brick and water?


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Two Bizarre Teas

Fancy Teas

Blue Tea

Blue tea is amongst the most mysterious tea types that can be found in the world. The blue color of the tea is what makes it stand alone from others. Imagine drinking this satisfying blue cup of tea! This tea type is a product of Thailand and is made of dried butterfly pea flowers. The blue tea has a flowery taste that can be enhanced using a splash of lemon. This tea is sought after for its bluish purple color and refreshing flowery taste.

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three  Bizarre Teas

Bubble tea

Over the years, tea has been transformed into various distinct types. People like new and fun innovations so of course this drink took off and became very popular. Bubble tea is a type of cold tea that found its origin from Taiwan in the 80s. The cold flavor of the tea made it hugely popular worldwide. The tea is a blend of many products such as milk, fruits, tea base, and chewy tapioca balls. It is a fun drink that you can consume on a daily basis. This tea has become a big trend because of its convenience of being a cold beverage and using a straw to drink it.  Our Bubblegum Tea combines caramel with strawberry and lemon character to create a tasty sensation. You can find this tea on our kids line and suggest it as a substitute for soda!

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Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Tomato Mint Tea

This is a type of savory tea that is loved by many people around the globe. It has tomato as its primary component and an added mint flavor that provides a uniqueness to the tea. It is most similar to drinking hot soup or broth in a cup of tea. There have been bloggers who have even talked about cooking with this tea. We call our tomato tea “Hangover Helper.” Light tomato notes, ginger to soothe and hints of sweet beet – don’t forget the dash of vodka! This blend offers calming herbal notes, vitamins, and a spicy blast of flavor to really knock the edge off. This beln is quite spectacular brewed hot or over ice with a splash of vodka added. Think of it as a tea-based Bloody Mary. 

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Hangover Helper


Weird Tea

Panda Dung Tea

It is one of the most expensive teas around the globe priced at the US $3,500 for 50 grams of tea. It is developed in the southwest region of China. The tea got its weird name from its preparation method. In the making process of this tea, Panda dung is used as a fertilizer for the growth of tea plants. Panda’s only absorb 30 percent of the nutrients they eat, which leaves the remaining 70 percent going into the fertilizer that is used in the makings of this tea.


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Rare Tea


This tea comes from the Japanese island Shikoku. Myanmar has a high consumption of this tea type as a pickled salad or condiment named Laphet. Awabancha tea is made using the fermentation process that is done with the help of lactic acid bacteria. The processing methods are what makes this tea so unique. 


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Fun Tea

Wrestling of Dragon and Tiger

This unusual kind of tea attracts plenty of people to its aromatic smell and potent content. It is made with a mixture of black tea and alcohol(in small content). Brandy is the most used alcohol type in this beverage as it provides an excellent taste and flavor to the tea. This is a fun tea type that must be tried by every tea and alcohol lover. 

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