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Teatime: Bring On The Kompot

loose leaf kompot tea

Teatime: Bring On The Kompot Bringing The Classic Eastern European Flavors To Your Tea Cup   Kompot is well known across Eastern Europe. This traditional punch is made from cooking a variety of different sweet fruits (depending on what’s in season) in a large volume of water. It’s common to add sugar and raisins to […]

Tea Journals: Mastering the Craft of Tea

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Tea Journals: Mastering the Craft of Tea Never Make Tea The Wrong Way Again   Journals have been used for decades to help people master their skills. When someone’s trying to learn how to accomplish something that’s completely new to them, they will often use a journal to record their progress. Tea Journals, this is […]

Bluebirds and New Beginnings by Rachel Farmer

On Bluebirds and New Beginnings By Rachel Farmer There is an old Lorraine folktale most commonly referred to as “The Blue Bird.” In it, two young children are tasked with finding the elusive title creature, though it always seems to evade them at every turn. The main characters at last return home from their futile adventures, […]