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loose leaf black teaTea is one of the most popular drinks around the world, especially when people are feeling under the weather and need a warm drink to soothe themselves. While there are many different types of tea, loose leaf black tea is by far one of the most popular types. Black tea originally became popular in Africa and Asia, but it didn’t take long until the rest of the world caught on to how delicious loose black tea really is.

When you’re ready to refill your black tea stash, The Dollar Tea Club is the place to order from. We have a large variety of loose leaf black mixes to choose from here in our shop. 


Black Tea for Breakfast

A lot of tea drinkers love a hot cup of loose black tea leaves in their mug at breakfast time, and we don’t blame them. It’s one of the purest beverages you could have with your breakfast. While we have a wide array of different black loose leaf teas in our shop, these are some of the top-sellers that people enjoy in the morning:

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a classic loose leaf black tea blend and one of our top sellers. It is a pure black tea that is made from leaves that come from one of India’s finest growing selections. This tea has a luscious floral flavor to it that reminds people of time spent in India. When you want a classic loose leaf tea blend, Taj Mahal hits all of the right notes.

Candy Cane Crunch

Candy Cane Crunch may have been a holiday inspired tea, but once tea lovers gave it a shot we knew it had to be kept all year round. This black tea has peppermint candy cane piecesbenefits of black tea and strawberry leaves, creating a refreshing blend that awakens your taste buds in the morning. 

Wild Black Currant

Wild Black Currant is one of our newest selections in the black loose leaf tea category. This beautiful summer tea blend is the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning. The deep black currants blend perfectly well with the flavors of the black tea leaves. The nice fruity notes aren’t too sweet, making this a perfect balance for breakfast time. 


Best Black Teas To Drink Iced

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as iced tea in the summertime. Our tea blends have just the right amount of flavor so you can enjoy them iced without having to add a lot of sugar. If you enjoy a sweet tea, we recommend using honey to add a nice touch of sweetness (try our honey sticks!) that doesn’t overpower the tea’s flavor. When you want a delicious cup of iced tea, these are the best black teas to try:

black teaBerry Merlot

Berry Merlot is one of the tastiest teas to try iced. This black tea blend has pieces of black currants, blackberries, and hibiscus petals. When poured over ice, this tea has a refreshing summer taste that reminds people of spending the day in wine country, but without the hangover the next day.

Lemon Ginger

This is an energizing tea that is packed full of punch. While Lemon Ginger black tea blend is tasty when it’s served hot, many tea drinkers prefer it when it’s cold. When you’re feeling parched after working hard on a hot day, this refreshing loose leaf black tea will give you that boost you need to feel energized again.


Perfect Black Tea: Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a popular type of black tea that is slightly more decadent than regular black tea. We know there are a lot of Earl Grey lovers visiting our online shop daily, so we wanted to give them choices they will be satisfied with. We have three great selections here in our shop: 

  • Earl Grey: Our classic Earl Grey blend.
  • Cream of Earl Grey: A sweeter Earl Grey tea with a nice creamy taste
  • Remember Me: Earl Grey tea with a touch of sweet caramel and a haunting finish that reminds drinkers of a dark autumn night.


Black Tea For Dessert

Black tea loose leaf blends are the perfect choice for dessert, or even a midafternoon pick me up. One of the reasons why our tea mixologist was able to create so many differentloose black tea dessert inspired blends is because the black tea leaf flavor mixes so well with many different sweeter tastes. 

While there are so many different blends in our shop that go great with dessert, here are our top 5 recommendations (in no specific order):

Amaretto Blush

Amaretto Blush is a great choice for dessert because the almond and cherry flavors complement the black tea leaves perfectly. This smooth tea tastes amazing with a touch of honey. (We offer honey sticks in our shop to get the perfect amount every time.)

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake allows you to get the flavors of this classic dessert without all the sugar and calories. Better yet, you can forget about your diet for a moment and enjoy how delicious this tea tastes with a piece of cake.

Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn is one of the most unique flavors of black tea in our shop. It balances out the flavors of sweet and salty, and the finished result is something that you’ll be craving until you get your next cup. 

Sweet Apple Spice

Sweet Apple Spice is a favorite among black tea lovers because they really enjoy how the black tea tastes with the spices. The added sweetness from the apples, pears, and plums adds the perfect melody to this amazing black tea blend.

Maple Dreams

Maple Dream is a lovely tea to have in your mug after dinner. It is a mix of black tea and green tea, but when these two are paired with the heavenly flavors of maple they create a sweet blend that pairs well with nearly every dessert.


Final Thoughts

While there are many benefits of black tea, we love the versatility of it’s flavor. Not only does it taste amazing on it’s own, but it also mixes well with so many other flavors. This is why black tea is one of the best tea blends for all occasions. When you’re not sure what to pour in your cup, you can’t go wrong with black tea.



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