A Love Letter To Tea

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A Love Letter To Tea

Devote This Valentine’s Day To Your Real True Love


Every year on February 14th, people show appreciation for their loved ones. Significant others get showered with affection and gifts. Kids handout decorative cards to their best friends. Everybody has tea love, someody few or more. Even single people get together with their best friends to celebrate their platonic love for one another.

With all the love in air, we wanted to take a moment to show some appreciation for the love of our life, Tea. From black tea giving us that extra boost of energy in the morning to a nice herbal blend helping us unwind at night. Tea is faithfully by our sides every waking hour of the day. tea love

This Valentine’s day we’re going to devote the day to our real true love, and celebrate all the wonderful qualities of tea.


Why We Love Tea

Everybody needs to stay hydrated, but tea outshines every other beverage because almost every loose leaf blend is loaded with different health benefits. While some blends may boost your immune system, others could help you on your weightloss journey. Having a drink of tea (or two) every day could have some really positive effects on your wellness. 

All the nutrients in the different blends of tea is just proof that this beverage loves you right back. Tea has been more devoted to making sure we stay in good health than any other beverage. 

Sometimes we’re lead astray and give into temptation. We cheat on tea with other beverages, like sugary cappuccinos and colas. Although they taste good going down, they don’t leave us feeling so hot later. Tea never holds a grudge. When those other beverages have you feeling low, tea will always be there to help lift you back up.


Tea Is Always By Our Side

Did you know that tea is the only natural source of L-Theanine? This ingredient can be found in green, black, white, and oolong tea. The L in L-Theanine might as well stand for love, tea lovebecause we love how it treats us. Do you ever get a jittery feeling when you drink too much coffee? Notice how that doesn’t happen when you drink a caffeinated tea? That’s because the L-Theanine is able to balance out the stimulatory effects to keep your body calm. 

Tea is always on our side to make sure we feel alert without the shakes. Thanks to our morning cup of steeped tea we’re the right level of focus to accomplish everything on the to-do list. With coffee it’s normal to have a mid-day crash, but tea keeps us feeling good enough to conquer the day. We couldn’t do it without your help tea!

Every now and then we get an anxious feeling and herbal tea is always there to remind us that it’s going to be okay. Any blend with chamomile or lavender knows just what to say to make things better. A hot herbal tea is like a massage for the soul. 


Tea Keeps Things Hot, But It’s Not Afraid To Switch Positions

Ginger teas always know how to heat up a dull day because they like to keep things spicy 24/7. That may sound like a good time at first, but you’re going to need to cool off eventually. Tea is no basic beverage, it has multiple ways to keep you satisfied. Most loose leaf tea tastes just as beautiful iced as it does hot. 

We want to thank tea for being by our side throughout every season. A piping hot mug of Hot Tamales tea makes snowstorms more bearable, while a cold glass of iced Tangy Tang is the perfect poolside drink for summer. Even though we may not be mentally prepared for every season, tea helps us get through them.

On top of all this, tea can help us stay healthy by remaining sugar free. Unlike many juices and sodas, tea doesn’t have sugar in it. Anyone who enjoys a sweeter beverage can use honey to sweeten their tea. Not only does it taste better in tea, but it is also a much healthier option. This is just more proof that tea is always looking out for our health.tea love


Tea Is Our Comfort Drink

The comparisons to coffee and tea will probably never end. Even if you love both beverages equally, it’s no secret that coffee is a drink that’s all about being on the go. Many people grab their coffee, fuel up and get down to business.

Tea has a different atmosphere surrounding it, and we absolutely love that. Tea is more of a comfort drink. When we steep, we stop and enjoy the little things in life. We allow ourselves to connect with our surroundings and the people we are with. Getting together for tea is a great way to stay in touch. While some people would view alcohol as a social drink, not everyone enjoys the distorting effects that it causes. We’ll pass on the wine tonight, give us Spiced Bourbon tea instead!


Final Thoughts: For The Love Of Tea

We love how tea has the ability to turn any bad day around for us. This Valentine’s day we’re going to celebrate with some delicious chocolate strawberries. However, instead of getting the kitchen messy and burning chocolate to make the dip we’re just going to make Dollar Tea Club’s Chocolate Strawberry tea instead. 

Unlike a lot of relationships, tea will never leave anyone with a broken heart. This is one beverage that always wants to keep us happy. Whether you’re stressed, sad, or caught a cold, tea will always be there to help you feel better. Tea knows how to treat you right every time. This Valentine’s Day we’ll be saying “No” to toxic relationships and toxic beverages. We love you tea! 

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