10 Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Tea

Enjoy Your Tea

10 Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Tea


Tea is the ultimate comfort drink. When you’re having a rough day and nothing goes right, tea is always there to warm you up and soothe your soul. 


Loose leaf tea comes in so many different varieties, it’s almost impossible not to find a tea you love. Many tea shoppers are facing a problem though. They enjoy tea so much that they have bought way too much. If you can relate to the struggle of having more tea than room in your cupboards then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out several different ways on how to enjoy tea.


Why You Should Drink More Tea

Tea is a great way to cut back on your sugar intake. We prefer drinking our tea without sugar. But if you enjoy tea that is on the sweeter side we suggest using honey to sweeten it instead of sugar.  

Every tea is different and we could stay here all day listing what benefits each one has for your health. If you research the ingredients that are in your tea pick of the day, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how healthy it is and instantly want to drink more tea. 


How To Enjoy Tea: 10 Simple Ways

There are so many different ways to drink tea. If you enjoy tea and need to use up some of that stash before you buy more, then here are some exciting ways to drink it. 

1: Traditional

A traditional cup of hot tea is a classic beverage. Whether you need to wake up or wind down, tea is always here for your needs. 

2: Iced Tea

This is one of the most popular easy to drink tea during the summer. You can make iced tea in a very similar process to traditional tea. Double the amount of loose leaf tea and let it steep a few minutes longer than normal. Once your tea is brewed and steeped, pour it into a glass with ice. As the ice melts it makes your tea less strong, that is why you need to double the amount of leaf in your recipe. 

3: Tea Lattes

Lattes aren’t just for coffee snobs. This is the best way to drink tea if you enjoy tea on the stronger side. Brew a strong cup of tea and assemble with frothed milk on top.  

4: Cocktails

Want to know how to enjoy tea in a more sophisticated way? Consider turning one of your favorite iced teas into a nighttime cocktail. We find this the most fun way to drink tea.

5: Popsicles

Want to know how to drink tea during a heatwave? Make your own popsicles! This is even a fun way to get your kids to drink tea…or eat tea should I say? Fill up some popsicle makers Tea Popsiclewith your favorite tea (fruity teas are usually the best choice for these treats) and add a few fruit slices for extra fun. Let them freeze overnight and you’ll have a healthier version of one of the best summertime snacks. 

6: Potpourri 

Have you ever bought a tea that sounded delicious only to try it and think “yuck”? There’s another way to enjoy tea you don’t like without having to drink it. Most teas are made from dried herbs and flowers. These smell fantastic and are kinda pretty too. Instead of throwing tea you don’t enjoy in the trash, pour it in a small dish to use as potpourri. 

7: Cook With Tea

If you’re getting bored with your daily menu and looking for something new to cook, here is another way to enjoy tea. Get creative and cook with it. There are so many exciting flavors for you to experiment with. Next time you buy a box of cake mix, substitute the water for tea.

Tea Bath8: Bath

Drink tea to stay healthy, bath in tea to stay pretty. Tea is very good for your skin too. If you check the ingredients to some of your beauty products you will find some of the same ingredients you find in tea. If you want to give your feet a treat, soak them in a bowl of peppermint tea. 

9: Facial

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that help clear up skin and also work as an all-natural anti-aging treatment. Tea really is the drink for beautiful people. 

10: Tea Party

If you really have too much tea then put an adult spin on a childhood favorite. Many little girls invite their friends over to have tea parties. They never drink tea, just juice in pretty teacups. Now it’s time for the grown ups to enjoy tea, invite your friends over for a party.



Nobody should ever feel like they have too much tea. We’ve gone over some of the best ways to enjoy tea with you, hopefully leaving you with some tea inspiration. If you are looking at ways to reduce sugar in your diet then swapping out drinks like coffees and juices for tea is one great way to begin. With all the varieties of tea you can buy, this won’t be hard to do either!


What is your favorite kind of tea? Let us know in the comments.


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